What does a BMR calculator actually calculate?

Of course, the obvious answer is that it calculates your BMR, however how many people actually understand what basal metabolic rate or BMR actually means or why you would even care to know it?

Here is the simplest way that I’ve found to explain when and why you would want to use a BMR calculator particularly if you’re keen on losing belly fat.

If someone were to approach you and tell you that they have a slow metabolism, what they are actually saying is that they have a low BMR or metabolic rate. A BMR calculator (there are plenty of free online BMR calculators available these days) is an effective weight loss tool that’s used to calculate approximately how many calories daily your body burns while at rest.

It helps to give you a more accurate picture of how slow or fast your metabolism is functioning and is of particular help when trying to calculate your calorie intake for weight loss purposes.

If you’re struggling with belly fat loss or with losing body fat in general, a BMR calculator can be used to first calculate how many calories your body burns at rest. We’ve already established this, however we must also factor in additional calories burned for walking, sitting, breathing, etc., so the final number will be a little higher.

Now by taking that number and subtracting approximately 500 calories from it you’ll arrive at a new number. This new number is a representation of the daily caloric intake required to achieve a weight loss of approximately 1 to 2 pounds weekly.

Let me give you a broken down example to better your understanding of the benefits of using a BMR calculator.

Let’s say we have a friend named Sally. Now Sally comes to you and tells you she’s struggling to lose belly fat and doesn’t quite know how to change her diet plan in order to ensure fast, safe weight loss. It’s obvious that she’s taking in more calories than she’s expending which accounts for her slow, gradual weight gain.

Sally is a 40 year old woman. She is 5’4″ tall and weighs 155 lbs. She lives a fairly sedentary life style and gets very little exercise both at work and at home. These are important points that need to be factored in as well.

Sally now uses a BMR calculator. It’s simply a matter of entering her information like gender, age, height, present weight and activity level, and the calculator instantly returns this result to her: “Your BMR is 1,442 calories per day.” – This represents the total amount of calories per day Sally burns AT REST.

“The total number of calories you need in order to maintain your current weight is 1,730.” – Pretty self-explanatory, but keep in mind that Sally wants to lose weight, not maintain her current weight.

“To lose one pound per week means you have to consume 1,230 calories per day.” – The BMR calculator has automatically deducted 500 calories from Sally’s 1,730 daily calorie requirement.

How easy was that?

By deducting 500 calories each day, in 7 days (1 week) Sally will have deducted a total of 3,500 calories. There are 3,500 calories in one pound and experts will tell you that healthy weight loss should be no more than one to two pounds per week.

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