30 thoughts on “GOP Senate Nominee ‘Literally Physically In Tears’ After Campaign Retracts QAnon Support”

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  2. > Insurance agent Jo Rae Perkins won the GOP nomination by a landslide earlier this week to run against Sen. Jeff Merkley, a Democrat. Part of her voter appeal might be her belief in QAnon, a right-wing conspiracy that claims President Donald Trump is involved in stopping a pedophile network of Satan-worshipping cannibals who have infiltrated every level of government and the mass media.


    >”My campaign is gonna kill me,” Perkins told the publication. “How do I say this? Some people think that I follow Q like I follow Jesus. Q is the information and I stand with the information resource.”

    Humanity wasn’t ready for the internet.

  3. >“My campaign is gonna kill me,” Perkins told the publication.

    It’s weird how she talks about her campaign as if she had no control over them. She’s the candidate. The campaign is supposed to reflect her message, not create their own. I’m guessing she didn’t make it clear enough to them how important QAnon is to her. Campaign staffers are probably laughing their asses off.

  4. That’s the best that Oregon republicans can do. Merkley is killing it along with Wyden and no one respectable is willing to stick their neck out for trump.

  5. Trump, who was friends with Epstein, who complimented the average age of Epstein’s girls, who allowed Epstein to use Trump properties, who gave a cabinet job to Alex Acosta (the prosecutor who gave Epstein the infamous plea deal), who defunded anti-sex-trafficking agencies, who said he’d fuck his own daughter if they werent related …

    is supposed to save the world from a pedophile cabal?

  6. I have a buddy who is registered Republican but actually a Democrat. He uses his registration to vote for the most off-kilter Republican candidate running in the primaries. Maybe his strategy caught on?

  7. StalinsPerfectHair

    “a pedophile network of Satan-worshipping cannibals”

    Whenever someone is accused of being a pedophilic, Satan-worshiping cannibal, that should scream propaganda. The amount of actual, pedophilic, Satan-worshiping cannibals is not nearly high enough to make a clandestine global network at the highest levels.

  8. We need a r/StateSenator sub, like r/FloridaMan. *State Senator purposes banning tacos statewide to discourage immigrants.*

  9. A headline like that really makes me feel sorry for writers at the Onion. How are they suppose to compete with that?

  10. Remember back in 1994, when so many of us welcomed the democratization of information that the Internet would bring, and how it would putatively provide a healthy check on the decisions of media gatekeepers? How we thought it would lead to a better-informed body politic?

    Hahaha! Good times!

  11. kingofthewilds

    Who cares? She’s a republican going for a Oregon Senate seat. Merkley isn’t going to lose

  12. Oh wow, I saw her candidate profile in the voters pamphlet and thought she looked nuts, now I know my hunch was right.

    Her opponent was even wackier, though. His tag line was literally:


  13. MerMadeMeDoIt

    I hate them for using the name of my favorite recurring Star Trek character for their bat-shit crazy cult.

  14. orifice_porpoise

    Happy for my favorite senator jeff Merkley. He’s awesome and if this is his competition, he’ll be around a while.

  15. cosmic_sheriff

    Who would have thought that the GOP would “hold my beer” when it comes to drug-addled crazies in Oregon after faire was cancelled…

  16. Good. Play stupid games win stupid prizes. I hope all these idiots have to face the consequences.

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