Google Trends is an indicator of the number of people searching for a specific term over a given period. It gives you an overview of the topics the world is looking for. Trends can be further sorted based on their geographic location, categories, duration, etc. and it also allows you to compare your searches. The Google Trends platform is quite simple and user-friendly. They also have small graphics in addition to the title that show you how hot or cold the subject is in a given amount of time. So how can Google trends help your SEO and create a blog post? Below are some ideas that you can implement for your blog, but before that, let’s take a look at the main features of Google Trend.

  1. Displays the popularity of your keywords over time
  2. Comparison between your searches
  3. Stay up to date with the latest current trend.
  4. Separate your results for images, news, or YouTube searches.

Ideas for Blogging:

Awareness of competitors: You can enter your competitor’s brand name and see how it evolves in the short or long term. If they are increasing, you can do further study to understand why and how you can leverage their strategies for your own brand.

Historical data: Instead of comparing trends from last week, stretch the timeline over a full year or more. Google has a lot of information that you can use for your brand in the future. Using historical data that you will notice for most general keywords, a relatively fixed trend that changes from month to month is mainly a defined pattern. You can then use these keywords while they are at the top to compose and publish your content.

Brainstorming Keywords: Check periodically for keywords related to your topic and see if there are downward or upward keyword phrases. Google trends also help you refine your keyword research targeting a specific location / countries, which will help you decide if it’s useful to use those keywords in your blog while targeting those locations. If the keywords you’ve selected don’t work well in the areas you’ve targeted, you can compare or find another strategy.

Brainstorming topics and ideas for a blog post: Use queries related to Google Trends to help you identify the associated keywords that people are looking for and to deepen their individual trends and to find information that will help you publish the content of your blog. Additionally, you can choose categories from trends, then a subcategory and also explore that category for content ideas.

Using Google Trends is easy, but it takes a while to figure out how to use most of the information provided. It is recommended to use Google Trends as a reference source for your digital marketing and content strategy and following the trend.

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