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Hey Reddit, thanks for having me!

I grew up in Orangeburg, SC. I was the son of a single mom and learned to read from comic books. My grandparents helped raise me. They didn’t have a lot, but they taught me the important stuff: that hard work and character, matter.

I earned a scholarship to Yale University, and eventually Georgetown Law. I came back to South Carolina to teach 9th grade social studies before I went to work for Congressman Jim Clyburn. During my time in his office, I was the first African-American Executive Director of the House Democratic Caucus and Floor Manager for the House Majority Whip, which Rep. Clyburn became when the Democrats took control of the House in 2006.

I served as the first African-American Chair of the South Carolina Democratic Party before deciding to run for Senate. My most important job, though, is that I’m now raising my two boys with my wife, Marie, in Columbia, SC.

The American Dream is alive and well for some, but not all Americans. Here in South Carolina, rural hospitals are closing, schools are underfunded, roads are crumbling, and our coasts are threatened by offshore drilling. We need a Senator who’s fighting to improve the lives of South Carolinians rather than focusing on interests in Washington D.C.

I’m running for Senate to fight for opportunity for all South Carolinians. I know that when your community needs help, political party affiliations don’t matter.

Ask me anything about my campaign, how Lindsey Graham has forgotten the people of South Carolina and our country, or baking (one of my favorite hobbies, especially during quarantine)! I’ll be on around 3 PM EST to answer your questions.


EDIT: This was a lot of fun, y’all! Thanks for the great questions. Definitely follow us on social media and check out our website to sign up for updates on the race – I truly believe that we not only have a shot at this, but that we are going to beat Lindsey and bring back common sense and decency to the Senate. Have a great day and a great Memorial Day weekend, y’all! Live long and prosper!

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36 thoughts on “I’m Jaime Harrison, the “Democratic Challenger” to Sen. Lindsey Graham in South Carolina. I’m running for Senate to bring hope back to the working families of SC and to #SendLindseyHome. AMA!”

  1. FlashbackUniverse

    South Carolinian here – I’ve been donating to your campaign since about January!

    What are you going to do to get more jobs in South Carolina?

  2. Itsjeancreamingtime

    What would you do differently than Sen. Graham to support frontline workers/essential employees during the COVID-19 outbreak?

  3. CaptainQwark666

    South Carolina has not had a Democrat as a Senator since Senator Hollings retired in 2005, and he had served since 1966.

    So, my question for you is, do you think the demographics in South Carolina are changing to the point that they (the voters in SC) will consider, and possibly elect a Democrat for Senator?

  4. hildebrand_rarity

    Hey Jaime,

    South Carolina resident here who looks forward to voting for you! My healthcare costs are absolutely insane and take up a good portion of my pay every month. What is your healthcare policy and how can we make it more affordable for people?

  5. Hi Jaime! I can’t wait to vote for you! What’s your favorite thing to bake and do you have a plan for coastal flooding in the Lowcountry?

  6. Thanks for doing this Mr. Challenger!

    I’m from a traditionally red state myself. What are some issues that resonate out on the SC trail that you feel might have been overlooked with past Democratic candidates?

    Good luck Jaime Harrison!

  7. Hi Jaime, how has your campaign of solving actual problems for the constituents you meet on the campaign trail been going? I think I heard you talk about that on Real Time with Bill Maher, would love to see another appearance sometime. Enormous luck to you!

  8. Should you win your election (and I think all of us here hope you do), what committee would you like to serve on in the Senate?

    Best of luck with your campaign, keep being an awesome human being.

  9. Raspberries-Are-Evil

    What strategies do you have to sway Republican voters? You’re going to needs some to pull off this upset. I hope you do. Nothing would give me the pleasure of seeing Graham sent packing.

  10. whereisthe_any_key

    Jaime, SC homeowner here. My wife is a teacher. Please address the massive education gap in our state. Teacher pay is a problem. We’re in the process of moving to a different state because she will get nearly double the pay. I’m not even trolling when I say that the system you will inherit is untenable. To quote idiocracy: [](

  11. Hello Mr. Harrison, I’m a teenager in SC right now, and I wholeheartedly support your campaign, despite my not being able to vote. As you likely know The State Government is fairly unproductive in obtaining funding for education, and I was wondering as a student at a public school, what exactly do you plan to do to help provide better schooling across the State?

  12. Coronavirus has forced candidates to change the way they campaign. Many voters don’t have easy access to the digital campaign events you and other candidates are having to fall back on in place of face-to-face campaigning. What have you learned about campaigning in this time, and how might it help democrat campaigns in the future reach voters who have been traditionally hard to reach?

  13. SC resident here – Most people I know that are going to vote for Lindsey Graham literally already hate him. How does that affect your campaign?

  14. Your new ad using Grahams own words is brilliant. How are you going to get it to flood the airways in SC from now until November?

  15. Mr. Harrison, you’ve been raking in a LOT of donations from around the country, which is a testament to your character, your strength, and your campaign.

    However, have you considered doing more “joint-fundraising” online in which donations are split between your campaign and what some may describe as *closer races* that might lack the same fundraising firepower, such as Cal Cunningham in North Carolina, Sara Gideon in Maine, or Dr. Al Gross in Alaska?

  16. I don’t have a question to ask. I just want to say that I’m moving back to South Carolina soon and one of the few things I’m looking forward to is voting against Lindsay.

  17. Why is “Democratic Challenger” in quotes, I think you are legitimately both a democrat and a challenger…

  18. Hi Jamie, SC resident here, wishing you well and a strong campaign. You have my vote already.

    South Carolina’s had some bad democratic losses the past few years, specifically allowing McMaster back in office, and I believe it’s cost us in infrastructure and quality of life (including a torrid affair for COVID19.)

    I have no questions for you, but you have the support of my family and we thank you for running.

    My inlaws actually taught with you at Wilkinson, so that helps me know what a good human you are.

  19. Church_of_Cheri

    I’m another South Carolina Resident and I also have a question about medical insurance, costs, and healthcare services. I currently have PEBA through a government employers and it doesn’t even meet the basic requirements of the ACA. I can’t get basic healthcare, and when I wait until it’s an emergency it costs me so much that. How are you going to help this? Also the healthcare providers here are the worst I’ve ever had, all the local offices and hospitals being bought up by one who overcharges and rips off the state and the patients, I travel out of state now for my healthcare. Help!

  20. Im from germany and very interested in american politics. How will you use graham’s obvious lies and twists especially about his thoughts on trump and the different moral standards he Held to Trumps and Clintons impeachments? As a foreigner its hard to believe you are not blasting this 24/7 into his voters’ faces as i Think elections in america are mainly won by Emotions nowadays.

    Good luck, i hope you will get rid of one of these criminals!

  21. fucking__fantastic

    Jaime, I wish you the absolute best. Your new campaign ad is KILLER. Keep up the good work!!!! #sendlindseyhome, SC!!

  22. Hey Jaime, I’m from GA and appreciate you running against Lindsey. Some questions: What’re you doing to reach out to the younger voters? What’re some things in SC that you’re focused on doing first?

    Thanks! Kick his ass!!

  23. I’m late to the party here but PLEASE Jamie, don’t “go high when they go low.” I’m not suggesting petty baseless attacks. Just fight them back. I’m tired of the Democrats running polite, diplomatic campaigns and losing. At least lose fighting. And with Lindsey, all you’d really have to do is play video of him talking. He incriminates and embarrasses himself routinely.

  24. Good luck. Lindsey Graham is a corrupt, morally bankrupt traitor to America. He belongs in prison, not the Senate.

    I hope you run lots of campaign ads quoting him in the past calling Trump a dangerous lunatic and saying if Republicans elect him they’ll get destroyed and deserve it.

  25. Former S. Carolinian here….just want to say good luck!

    Graham has been my least favorite S. Carolinian for decades.

  26. Are you ready for a dirty fight? The red machine will go after you like a rabid dog, will you bite back?

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